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Unique and colorful worldwide: The lighting system in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin focuses on optical diversity. A special highlight is a full-color LED floodlight system, which was installed in a stadium for the first time worldwide. Before the DFB for the DFB Cup final on July 4 and Hertha BSC in the new season will enjoy the new lighting options, lighting designer Mikki Kunttu will inaugurate the facility with a tailored choreography on June 25, 2020. The Finn was known for his impressive productions for the Cirque du Soleil and the Eurovision Song Contest.

The lighting concept is made up of various components: in addition to the colored floodlight system, unique and colored architectural lighting was also installed. These include the so-called membrane lighting, which is installed in the roof of the Olympic Stadium, and the "Ring of Fire" effect lighting.

With the new technology, the various possibilities of colored illuminations are almost unlimited and unique in the stadium world. The possible lighting moods can change the entire stadium image enormously and influence it emotionally. For example, the stadium can now shine blue and white in Hertha, green in DFB, or in all conceivable colors.

The managing director of Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH, Timo Rohwedder, is convinced of the new system: “In future, the new lighting concept will give us the opportunity to get our guests in the mood for the event and to inspire them. In addition, organizers can use the lighting system to stage their events in a targeted manner using colored lighting effects - regardless of whether it is a large event or a small company event.

The floodlight requirements of UEFA and the DFL will continue to be not only met, but clearly exceeded. Nevertheless, energy savings can be achieved. An additional 142 tons of CO2 are saved in one year.

[Source: Olympic Stadium Berlin, 02.07.2020, https://olympiastadion.berlin/de/neuigkeiten/led-licht-im-olympiastadion-berlin/ Pictures: REIHER&SEIDEL]