The Berlin IoT Lab for Smart Home/Building (SENSE-Lab) is live.

So far, smart home products and components from various manufacturers are usually not yet interlinkable, as they lack corresponding universal interfaces. The project SENSE - semantic, interoperable smart home is set to change that. Together with manufacturers and developers, concepts and interfaces are being developed and jointly tested, with which smart home solutions can soon be used together easily and across all manufacturers. The "SENSE Semantic Building Lab", which opened in Berlin on 27 June, will be used to design and test the prototypes, as well as a tour of the laboratory's new premises and a hands-on look at the laboratory concept using exemplary examples Get Use Cases and Demonstrations. <br /> <br /> SENSE creates the technological framework and working environment to sustain the problem-solving and system competencies of German smart home / smart building companies with innovative service capabilities in a digitized, connected world.

SENSE supports the approach of semantically describing the physical world. In this way, things and components are described in terms of their functionality and other properties and can be used across technologies. That is groundbreaking! It is the basic requirement for open and flexible interaction of many components in a home / building and, at the same time, the launching of new scenarios well beyond the boundaries of a building. The IoT Lab is brand & manufacturer neutral and is a pre-competition laboratory environment. The IoT Lab offers the necessary space for practical work on changing topics (energy, safety, assistance and comfort) and in different technical composition. It is the open place for technical discussions with various stakeholders.