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Global Climathon Day

Hackathons are a dime a dozen, but hacking for the climate is something special. At the Global Climathon Day, solutions are being developed around the world within 24 hours to tailor answers to local challenges. And Berlin is of course!

113 cities, more than 5000 participants and more than 400 solutions at the end of the day.

The application is now available at https://climathon.climate-kic.org/en/join

About the organizers Climate-KIC:

Founded in 2010 by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), this Knowledge and Information Community (KIC) has offices in 11 European countries. Climate-KIC Germany is headquartered on the EUREF campus in Berlin Schöneberg and coordinates German activities from there. More than 300 business, science and government partners form the largest public-private network for innovation against climate change with EIT Climate-KIC.

Since 2010, EIT Climate-KIC has supported more than 1,200 green start-ups in its founders' program on the path from idea to market, which have attracted over half a billion euros in green investments. More than 17,000 young talents have participated in one of the numerous training or education programs to promote innovation.

Further information on Climate-KIC can be found at www.climate-kic.org.