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  • Study Smart City Berlin (2015,...

    With the "Smart City Berlin" study, the Technology Foundation Berlin has created an overview of how the German capital is developing and which areas are driving the Smart City forward. (creation date...

  • Smart City Strategy (German)

    In 2015, the Smart City Strategy for Berlin was defined. The Strategy Paper identifies and defines all points and goals on which the city of Berlin and its citizens work together.

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  • Smart City Berlin - Laboratory...

    The brochure from Berlin Partner for Economics and Technology GmbH gives a quick overview of key topics and projects. (creation date 2016)

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  • Zukunftsorte Berlin (German)

    An overview of the Berlin Zukunftsorte, where a smart city is being researched. Future-oriented concepts and products are created here. (creation date 2017)

  • Roland Berger Study -...

    In the "Think: Act" study by Roland Berger, 87 cities and their Smart City strategy are identified and evaluated. (creation date 2017)

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