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CityLAB Berlin

CityLAB Berlin will be a central place at which various participants can become involved and exchange ideas on topics related to "Smart City Berlin". Together with public administration and urban society, experts will develop ideas and propose solutions for the (digital) challenges of the city and its administration. A public place of exchange, thinking, working, and research is to be created. Various formats such as co-working, discussion events, hackathons, think tanks, experimental labo­ratories and exhibition areas will be possible. Synergy effects are to be created and used.

Smart cities use technologies and intelligent solutions to improve urban tasks and make them more efficient, to conserve resources and to enhance the quality of life for their inhabitants. CityLAB Berlin is to act as a service provider and thought leader for both the city and its society.

The establishment of a Berlin City Laboratory (CityLAB) is part of the 10-point agenda for digitisation, which was jointly developed and formulated by politics, business and science in the last legislative period.

Further information about the City Lab can be found at https://www.citylab-berlin.org/index_en.